22 July 2014

Why Have Two When All You Need is a "Single Fin" ?

When we got the opportunity to redesign a classic dive bar
in the heart of Mission Beach, we were all over it. We have teamed up with some super surfer dudes to create a fresh new bar and grill that literally used all hands on deck to construct this awesome project. Single Fin is a great spot where you can drop in after a swim or are just getting out of bed and need a yummy meal and great environment to chill.

 With just a dream... 


"The new look is beach modern and airy, a surf-themed bar and restaurant replete with surfboard fins installed on the walls and in a massive overhead light box, courtesy of Fins Unlimited. Other design touches include natural wood gathered from southern Baja and salvaged blue wood from a derelict bait barge, in addition to rotating photography from various local artists."

see full article : http://sandiego.eater.com/archives/2014/04/23/single-fin-surf-grill-rides-into-mission-beach.php#more

Official photoshoot coming soon to a Davis Ink Ltd website near you...

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