19 August 2014

"Oops We Did it Again"

Davis Ink is excited to be working on a new project in San Diego, we couldn't be more stocked to be working on this project for a multitude of reasons. All of our projects we take on, we believe should have its own creativeness and very different out look to capture what our clients are wanting. NO space is the same! Stay tuned in for opening and lots of pictures :

Here is a great review from Hospitality Design.

Hospitality Design

We approached the revamping of On Broadway with the mindset that we wanted to change the entire guest experience from the time they enter the space to when the night is over,” says Davis Krumins, principal of Davis Ink. “Overall, the most exciting part of designing this project was creating two very different spaces with different experiences, that can both work independently but that work together as a whole.”

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