24 April 2012

Davis Ink's AV Nightclub Meets LA-Eater.com!

Inside AV Nightclub, Hitting Hollywood on April 30
Last night the corner of Cahuenga and Selma was so packed that pedestrians had to walk in the street to bypass the crowds attempting to enter AV, Hollywood's newest night spot opening April 30 by partners Matt Bendik(Voyeur), Tosh Berman, and Jason Pollack. You would have though it was Voyeur circa 2009. Up above, the very first look inside.

The venue itself is relatively small and devoid of those semi nude girls made popular at Voy. Upon entering there's a passageway with a bar off to the right, otherwise straight ahead one basically walks right into the club's main room. Tables hug the room's perimeter, with a few more located the the center. A perched DJ booth is located to the back left of the entrance. The setup is reminiscent of Voyer's DJ room. Slated to be promoted by The Alliance(Hartwell, Frankie, those guys) and Brent Bolthouse (Monday is going to be THE night to attend), good luck getting in.

Source: http://la.eater.com/archives/2012/04/24/inside_av_nightclub_hitting_hollywood_on_april_30.php