09 September 2014

Drinking, Dining, and Dancing !!!

Looking for a an adventurous night out? Parq with it's large and in charge, Vegas like feel will soon be one of  SD's hottest spots. All our projects are designed to be unique and different from the last. We are very excited about this amazing project and what it has to offer, from a good time of dining, and dancing and its botanical gardens, Parq will sweep you off your feet.

"Opening this fall after a two-year dormancy and a multi-million dollar renovation, Parq's massive 40,000-square-foot space will be split into a restaurant and nightclub component that can function in conjunction with each other or as separate venues, depending on what experience you're looking for."

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 AD Nightclub is the place, from its stained glass windows, candles, oversized archways, hanging plants, and to its cathedral like feel. This club has all that you're looking for. Go forth and turn it up and enjoy a good time!   

"AD, whose current hours of operation are 9 p.m. to 2 a.m. on Thursday and Saturday, is aiming to be a different kind of club experience, eschewing long lines and cover charges by encouraging reservations for their 11 bottle service booths, each stocked with cell phone chargers and safes and some with their own dance platforms.
Also atypical is their cocktail program, which blends craft with high volume bar service; Rumbling Tins Co.'s Christian Siglin (Bankers Hill) and Alex Maynard (Jayne's Gastropub) consulted on a menu of seven craft cocktails, from the Ménage à Trois of cognac, St Germain, and champagne to Barrio Bliss, which pairs tequila with chile liqueur, coffee liqueur and lime, that will be available at the club's two bars and through bottle service."

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19 August 2014

"Oops We Did it Again"

Davis Ink is excited to be working on a new project in San Diego, we couldn't be more stocked to be working on this project for a multitude of reasons. All of our projects we take on, we believe should have its own creativeness and very different out look to capture what our clients are wanting. NO space is the same! Stay tuned in for opening and lots of pictures :

Here is a great review from Hospitality Design.

Hospitality Design

We approached the revamping of On Broadway with the mindset that we wanted to change the entire guest experience from the time they enter the space to when the night is over,” says Davis Krumins, principal of Davis Ink. “Overall, the most exciting part of designing this project was creating two very different spaces with different experiences, that can both work independently but that work together as a whole.”

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31 July 2014

Get Ready, Get Set, Cabarae!

Davis Ink says Aloha to you all! Come with us as we journey to Hawaii to create and build an amazing new venue for the Cabarae! Here are just a few sneak peeks of some great reviews that this amazing show is getting! We are so stocked to be apart of this super fun and creative project! Get ready for this spectacular show to take you away and leave you speechless. Ready to spring out of your seats doing somersaults! 

"It’s about time that a resident show like CabaRAE makes its way to Hawaii. CabaRAE is sexy, athletic, a bit naughty, and much more worthy of the space that the preview shows are being held in. If you don’t catch them while they’re in the Tapa Tower Ballroom at Hilton Hawaiian Village, then you’ll get to see the show in the hotel’s brand new theatre, custom built for the show. How bad could that be? I was lucky enough to preview the show and cannot wait to see the full scale show in the new theatre.CabaRAE is truly its tagline, “Random Acts of Entertainment.” What I loved about CabaRAE was seeing these acts with a twist. For example, pole dancing in pointe shoes. Ever seen a ballerina do that? Highlights for me included the fabulous opening trapeze duo and Ryan James on the aerial straps. The combination of strength, artistry, musicality, and danger will keep your eyes in the air on these artists at all times. The hard bodies aren’t hard to look at either! " 

View full site at : http://heelseggsandrice.wordpress.com/2014/07/31/meet-me-at-the-cabarae/

“CabaRAE” gives Waikiki a distinct third option in mainstream showroom entertainment to the tried-and-true Magic of Polynesia and Legends in Concert Waikiki.
John Hirokawa and Magic of Polynesia offers big-scale illusions with Hollywood Polynesian decor. Legends in Concert Waikiki presents headliner tribute artists (Elvis, Michael Jackson, Lady Gaga), Polynesian dances and one of the fastest young fireknife dancers in the business. CabaRAE is a high-tech musical revue.
THE SHOW includes 10 spectacular acts, representing among them Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Great Britain, Russia and the United States. And onstage, each act seems more spectacular than the last.
Each brings with it a “Wow!” factor that holds the eye, stirs emotion and earns applause."

See full site at: http://www.honolulupulse.com/2014/07/cabarae-review/

22 July 2014

Why Have Two When All You Need is a "Single Fin" ?

When we got the opportunity to redesign a classic dive bar
in the heart of Mission Beach, we were all over it. We have teamed up with some super surfer dudes to create a fresh new bar and grill that literally used all hands on deck to construct this awesome project. Single Fin is a great spot where you can drop in after a swim or are just getting out of bed and need a yummy meal and great environment to chill.

 With just a dream... 


"The new look is beach modern and airy, a surf-themed bar and restaurant replete with surfboard fins installed on the walls and in a massive overhead light box, courtesy of Fins Unlimited. Other design touches include natural wood gathered from southern Baja and salvaged blue wood from a derelict bait barge, in addition to rotating photography from various local artists."

see full article : http://sandiego.eater.com/archives/2014/04/23/single-fin-surf-grill-rides-into-mission-beach.php#more

Official photoshoot coming soon to a Davis Ink Ltd website near you...

18 July 2014

Grab Your Hats and Hold on Tight, Davis Ink is going to TX!

 Davis Ink has branched out to the the Houston area. Bradley's Fine Diner one of a few projects we have done. This super fun upscale American dining establishment that seats 90 will not only make you feel like family it will make you want to come back for more.We have had a blast being able to be apart of touching the Houston area with our out of the box creations. Stay tuned in to find out what we have up our sleeves.


"Fine Diner may be located in the same strip center that's home to Funky Chicken, but the two restaurants look and feel very different from each other. Fine Diner makes extensive use of wood — on the tables, walls and a chandelier hanging from the ceiling — to create an upscale atmosphere. Exposed brick, subway title and Edison bulbs — those staples of current trends in restaurant design — are all used to good effect here."

See full article:

"The Vibe: Upscale but down-home. Seating is at either one of the large fabric-covered booths with bench-like wooden tables made of 100-year-old oak tree planks, or at a four-top with accompanying chairs of buttery leather and wicker. An eye-catching chandelier near the entry is made from the root of an oak tree, lacquered and adorned with lights, but it's quickly upstaged by the bright glow of Edison lights. The exposed-filament bulbs with theatrical flare can be found in a large, centrally located marquee emblazoned with the word, “Fine.” These dazzling lights also illuminate bathroom signs, “M” and “W,” and hang high above the long, open bar, giving it an energetic buzz."


  Every things BIGGER in TX. Bradley's Fine Diner & Funky Chicken are the first of four projects we are working on together. Ogden's Pour Society, located in Gateway Memorial City in Houston will open later this year, as well as BFD's second location in Menlo Park, CA. 

 BFD & Funky Chicken may be located in the same shopping center, but they have two very different looks and feel. With BFD, you have a very comfy but elegant home dinning experience, while with Funky Chicken, the name speaks for it's self. On the go? Not a problem for its fast functioning kitchen. With its on the go or stay in and enjoy, Funky Chicken has it going on!

Stay tuned for official photos coming soon to our website.

15 July 2014

Davis Ink just improved our "Chido" (cool) factor..

 Davis Ink has been spicing things up, south of the boarder. Here's just one of our many projects we have going on. We have had the great joy of being a part of this refreshing, new, and innovative outlook on twenty first century fine dining Mexican restaurant.  

Check out this awesome article from San Diego Magazine below: 

"Davis Ink Ltd. handled the design of the 4,000 square-foot space (max occ. 120). The image of a cowgirl frolicking in her own libido nods to the old west via Betty Page. One wall is made of Mexican blankets. The center bar is equipped with a tacqueria stand that’ll make hot, fresh tortillas. There are custom-designed maraca wall sconces. The color palate is a playful kind of paint-can roulette.
They’re shooting for a June 30 open (that’s always a crapshoot). When they do, it’ll be 11am to close.
Enough with the un-pretty words. Please enjoy the first pretty photos in the known universe of Don Chido."

   "Don Chido is going into 527 5th Ave. in the Gaslamp (formerly Fred’s Mexican Café). He’ll have a Santa Maria grill (barbecue culture heads go nuts for these things, and they’re rare in restaurants) that he’ll use with coastal live oak to make some Santa Maria-style barbecue. Expect wood-fired and smoked Mexican specialties like tacos al pastor with fire-roasted pineapple, and the mother of all dishes: Don Chido Especiale—a wood-fired rib eye with ancho chili garlic butter, chipotle lime wild Mexican shrimp, charred house-made chorizo, frijoles refritos, avocado, chile relleno, house-made corn tortillas and charred globe onions garnished with red guajillo sauce."

Scroll below to see a couple first peek & construction images:




final photos coming soon....

See full article: http://www.sandiegomagazine.com/Blogs/SD-Food-News/Spring-2014/FIRST-LOOK-Don-Chido/#.U5kRloDXjAQ.facebook