31 July 2014

Get Ready, Get Set, Cabarae!

Davis Ink says Aloha to you all! Come with us as we journey to Hawaii to create and build an amazing new venue for the Cabarae! Here are just a few sneak peeks of some great reviews that this amazing show is getting! We are so stocked to be apart of this super fun and creative project! Get ready for this spectacular show to take you away and leave you speechless. Ready to spring out of your seats doing somersaults! 

"It’s about time that a resident show like CabaRAE makes its way to Hawaii. CabaRAE is sexy, athletic, a bit naughty, and much more worthy of the space that the preview shows are being held in. If you don’t catch them while they’re in the Tapa Tower Ballroom at Hilton Hawaiian Village, then you’ll get to see the show in the hotel’s brand new theatre, custom built for the show. How bad could that be? I was lucky enough to preview the show and cannot wait to see the full scale show in the new theatre.CabaRAE is truly its tagline, “Random Acts of Entertainment.” What I loved about CabaRAE was seeing these acts with a twist. For example, pole dancing in pointe shoes. Ever seen a ballerina do that? Highlights for me included the fabulous opening trapeze duo and Ryan James on the aerial straps. The combination of strength, artistry, musicality, and danger will keep your eyes in the air on these artists at all times. The hard bodies aren’t hard to look at either! " 

View full site at : http://heelseggsandrice.wordpress.com/2014/07/31/meet-me-at-the-cabarae/

“CabaRAE” gives Waikiki a distinct third option in mainstream showroom entertainment to the tried-and-true Magic of Polynesia and Legends in Concert Waikiki.
John Hirokawa and Magic of Polynesia offers big-scale illusions with Hollywood Polynesian decor. Legends in Concert Waikiki presents headliner tribute artists (Elvis, Michael Jackson, Lady Gaga), Polynesian dances and one of the fastest young fireknife dancers in the business. CabaRAE is a high-tech musical revue.
THE SHOW includes 10 spectacular acts, representing among them Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Great Britain, Russia and the United States. And onstage, each act seems more spectacular than the last.
Each brings with it a “Wow!” factor that holds the eye, stirs emotion and earns applause."

See full site at: http://www.honolulupulse.com/2014/07/cabarae-review/

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