31 October 2012

Davis Ink and Residential Interior Design

With all these new and exciting projects going on over here at Davis Ink, we try to always find a balance in keeping a nice variety going on. We most recently completed work on a residential project in Del Mar, CA and couldn't be more thrilled to see it featured in Newport Beach Magazine! 

Check out the amazing article below: 

Expect the unexpected when the design duo behind Davis Ink revitalizes a living room.- By Somer Flaherty

“We are known for approaching design in an open-minded and unconventional way,” says Davis Krumins, half of the design duo of Newport Beach-based Davis Ink. His other half is his wife Andrea, and together they’ve been creating unique spaces for a decade. The pair believes in approaching each project as an opportunity to push boundaries while still adhering to a philosophy that design should be practical as well as aesthetically pleasing. For Davis, interior design is all of the things he loves bundled in one profession—architecture, furniture design and art. He and Andrea bring a background rooted in award-winning nightclub design to an outside-the-box perspective on residential living room design. The key to designing a space, they explain, is to know who will be utilizing it. “Design should be based on the way you live, work and play. There is no one way of doing things,” Davis says. “When designing a home, the most important thing is to understand who is living in the space.”
NBM: A living room can be a large area to design; what should readers keep in mind when creating the space?
DK: Don’t question your decisions that will work as a whole. The first thing completed may often look awkward—you have to avoid second-guessing and it will all fall into place. Look at yourself and the things you like to do and incorporate your personality into the space because it is an extension of who you are.
NBM: What’s the one living room item to splurge on?
DK: Lighting! It is the most effective way to manipulate the personality, mood and feeling of an environment. Lighting is also a way of highlighting important features and bringing attention to “wow factor” elements.
NBM: What about a design element that’s easy to incorporate on a budget?
DK: Color is the easiest way of making significant change on a limited budget. Art, living green pieces, water features and fire elements can also create a huge impact in a cost-effective way.
NBM: Color choice is very strong in your design; any tips for choosing a color palette?
DK: Color is a personal thing.
For people who want a sexy and romantic environment, we recommend rich neutrals such as grays, charcoals and warm whites. We like to break this up with splashes of moody color—deep reds, blues and maybe some funky purple accents.
We prefer to bring out most of our color through accessories, furniture and art.
NBM: If you’re completely re-doing the living room, what should you purchase first?
DK: Furniture first, as this will set the mood for things to come. I prefer to start with seating such as sofas, lounge chairs and ottomans. The first step is to determine what the space is going to be used for—for example, deep low sofas with soft textured fabrics and pillows are excellent for relaxation, reading or intimate conversation.
NBM: What about a living room that is just undergoing a small update?
DK: Paintings, sculptures, water features, vases, mirrors and rugs.

Want Davis Ink to add some "wow" to your personal space? 

26 September 2012

Area 51 Ultra Lounge: Before and After

Area 51 Ultra Lounge, located in San Diego, CA turned out to be a beautiful transformation! Here's a look at the before and after. 




If you just can't get enough of Area 51, check out our facebook page for more photos!

22 August 2012

The Pink Cadillac Debut

The time has arrived, The Pink Cadillac is officially open in Moscow, Russia! One of our favorite moments in design is watching a space go from planning to reality, and we are thrilled to share this moment with our loyal followers. Check out some of our favorite moments from The Pink Cadillac below: 

 From Newport Beach All The Way To Moscow, The Caddy Made It! 

 Diner Side

 Nightclub Side

 Just A Hint Of The Awesome Custom Lighting

 Nightclub Side 

 Diner Side 



 Custom License Plate Chandelier


 Pin Ups 



Women's Restroom

...And That's A Wrap!

25 July 2012

Construction Preview: Davis Ink's New Office & Showroom Space

Things have been going so well at the job site that we just couldn't wait to share some sneak peeks with you, enjoy! 

Custom Graffiti Art and Reclaimed Wood In The Showroom  
 Let There Be Light! Illuminating Our Office
The Giant Chalkboard 
The Head of The Table in The Conference Room

.....Keep an eye out for opening date details, and the launch of the online showroom for those near and far! 

12 June 2012

This Summer...Your Child Can Learn Interior Design from the Experts at Davis Ink LTD!

We are very proud to announce the newest addition to the full range of services offered by Davis Ink, an exclusive summer camp where children can learn Interior Design straight from the experts! 

The exploration of Interior Design teaches students to question, make choices, work collaboratively, and gain a better understanding of the world around them. We encourage students to explore options in Interior Design while learning how to stay within the project budget.

In our 5 week program students will:

·       *Design Project from Scratch
·       *Create Concept Boards and Illustrations
·       *Put together Color & Material Boards
·       *Design Floor Plans, Elevations, & Reflective Ceiling Plans
·       *Complete Conceptual Packet including Renderings
·       *Gallery Showcase presenting Conceptual Packets to friends & family
·       *Guest Speakers in the Hospitality Industry

Students will learn through experiential learning how to explore, create, and present Conceptual Packets in Restaurants, Hotels, Commercial and Residential Design. Students are encouraged to research and explore design outside of class to learn the many possibilities of Interior Design.

For more information or to sign up, please contact:

Andrea Krumins
(949) 723-0975 

24 April 2012

Davis Ink's AV Nightclub Meets LA-Eater.com!

Inside AV Nightclub, Hitting Hollywood on April 30
Last night the corner of Cahuenga and Selma was so packed that pedestrians had to walk in the street to bypass the crowds attempting to enter AV, Hollywood's newest night spot opening April 30 by partners Matt Bendik(Voyeur), Tosh Berman, and Jason Pollack. You would have though it was Voyeur circa 2009. Up above, the very first look inside.

The venue itself is relatively small and devoid of those semi nude girls made popular at Voy. Upon entering there's a passageway with a bar off to the right, otherwise straight ahead one basically walks right into the club's main room. Tables hug the room's perimeter, with a few more located the the center. A perched DJ booth is located to the back left of the entrance. The setup is reminiscent of Voyer's DJ room. Slated to be promoted by The Alliance(Hartwell, Frankie, those guys) and Brent Bolthouse (Monday is going to be THE night to attend), good luck getting in.

Source: http://la.eater.com/archives/2012/04/24/inside_av_nightclub_hitting_hollywood_on_april_30.php

15 February 2012

Davis Ink Steps into the Future at Area 51

Well-known for designing premier destinations in luxury hookah experiences, Davis Ink does it again with Area 51 Ultra Lounge. Located in the middle of San Diego’s historic Gaslamp Quarter, Area 51 promises to have a futuristic, ultra-modern exclusivity that can be found nowhere else. The 5,000 square foot second-story space is designed as two spaces in one, a lounge and a nightclub. During the day, guests can puff on hookah pipes as they cozy up in the space-age bubble chairs and sofas overlooking the bustling city. As soon as night falls, the space transforms into a sleek ultra-modern nightclub where guests can dance the night away to the talents of San Diego's most popular DJs combined with state-of-the-art sound and lighting technology.

Area 51 has an innovative an ultra-modernaesthetic with warm elements added throughout such as wood and carpeted ceilings and walls. Guests will enter through the futuristic corridor complete with a staggered abstract wall mural and circular wood planked hostess stand. Key design elements include the lava inspired metallic dance floor, the bar’s custom “spider web” pattern, and VIP custom booths set in front of geometric wall features. The space will definitely intrigue the eye from any angle and direction. This unique, one of a kind lounge will show hookah smokers and party goers what stepping into the future is like at Area 51.

Sneak Peek: Davis Ink Ltd. Takes a Dip In The World Of Custom Cars

Check out our latest creation courtesy of G&D Auto! This labor of love is finally complete and ready to ship. Stay tuned to see how it looks inside our upcoming international project.